Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder

Posted on August 17, 2014

With Blue Range Studio Production Services you can be sure of getting your message out.


What our Clients say

Posted on July 17, 2014

Our Clients have some very nice things to say about Blue Range Studio.

Blue Range Studio is a Melbourne based Audio Visual Production Service.

With over 20 years experience in the industry we offer consultation and professional skills to fully develop and complete your project. Whether you need to hire a cameraman for a day or produce a high quality documentary, we can help bring your concept to life no matter what size or budget.

  • Mike Amos

    Senior Producer - World Vision Australia

    I have worked with Darren Jones and Blue Range Studios many times over the past decade and highly recommend their work. As a Producer/Director on a range of projects with my production company Two Can Pictures and now as Senior Producer at World Vision, Darren and his team deliver quality work on time and in budget.
    I work on a large range of projects with varying needs. Blue Range Studio has worked with me on a range of productions from large corporates such as Coca Cola to smaller Indigenous Community work. They have given us a great range of production solutions to suit all our needs with these clients such as these.
    I always look forward to working with these guys and when in need of production expertise they are one of the first studios I call to check availability and also the first I refer people to for production work.

  • Fleur Dymond – Marketing Services Manager  

    Penrite Oil Company

    Penrite Oil has engaged Blue Range Studios for a number of projects over almost a decade. We have always found them the team to be extremely professional, producing high quality, cost effective solutions. From idea generation to production, Blue Range Studios delivers to the standards of a “high end” agency but with the intimacy & personalisation of the boutique business they have become today.

  • Keir Wells – Director

    Speak to Influence

    My father would always tell me: “You can always get something bloody cheap, but you’ll inevitably get something in return that’s total rubbish.” In video production, whether for clients or my own companies, I’ve always focused on the best and only the best. Having partnered with Blue Range Studio on numerous high profile corporate video projects over the past several years, I’ve experienced nothing short of total excellence. The experience and expertise afforded by Darren, his industry contacts and total calm and confidence in even the highest of stress times have ensured I have only one thing to say to people when they ask for recommendations: “If you really want a damn good result, it’s only Darren and Blue Range Studio”.

  • Darren Gunton – Marketing Manager

    Tabcorp Gaming Solution

    Blue Range Studio were fantastic to work with! Brilliant work, very professional, quick setups and flexible. We'll be using them again.

    The quality of their footage was amazing. Darren is a master of his craft.

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